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Wheelchair with Regular Commode (Mag Wheel)

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Dr Seibert’s Wheelchair with regular Commode eases the lives of physically challenged patients. It has padded and waterproof armrests, a wide seat, and an attached commode.

Dr. Seibert Healthcare introduces the product, considering the comfort and mobility of the user

This product is a combination of a wheelchair and toilet seat to give comfort and convenience to the user. It provides independence to physically disabled individuals.

Why use a wheelchair with a regular commode and mag wheels?

Regular commode:

It gives the user independence and preserves their dignity. It also eliminates the need for moving to a separate toilet.

Mag Wheels:

Made of a high-quality material like aluminium or magnesium, they are lightweight and enable frictionless rolling of the wheels. It helps the chair move smoothly, even on uneven terrain.

Foldable design:

Easy to store and transport. Best for travelling and confined spaces.

Adjustable features:

The seat, armrest, and leg rests are adjustable. It helps with accommodation and gives comfort to the user.

Safety features:

A strong frame, rust-free mag wheels, brakes, and castors offer stability and safety to the user.

15 reviews for Wheelchair with Regular Commode (Mag Wheel)

  1. Akash Diwedi

    It is made of strong material and is best for indoors and outdoors.

  2. Kajal Lakhani

    Easy to sit and move, especially for paralysis patients.

  3. Ashutosh D

    Best product on the market, super easy and comfortable.

  4. Daya U

    Thanks to this wheelchair, I can move freely and take care of myself without relying on anyone.

  5. Jimmy Thakur

    Can’t express my gratitude for this product; it is a big relief for handicapped people.

  6. Ujas Bharuka

    Best for indoor use, this wheelchair with commode is a blessing for many old people.

  7. Dhiraj M

    It was quite awkward for me to take my mom to the bathroom. This chair gives her the freedom she deserves.

  8. Shankar Suman

    Regular commode design is comfortable and useful. No need to depend on others.

  9. Binny D

    Perfect product of older people in your family. Give them freedom to move with dignity.

  10. Sandip Kushwa

    I was looking for some good-quality wheelchairs and found this one. It is smooth to move and easy to use; it is highly recommended.

  11. Chaitanya Tyagi

    Best product for disabled people. I used it after my accident, and it preserved my dignity while I was vulnerable.

  12. Prashant K

    Because of the mag wheel, it is easy to move without any exertion. It works great for patients.

  13. Wasim Khan

    I brought the chair for my aunt, and it worked wonderful. She is free to move, and we don’t worry about getting her to the washroom.

  14. Aditya Parashar

    The commode is the plus point! The chair is comfortable and easy to move.

  15. Vicky Sharma

    Using the wheelchair was a great experience for my grandfather. It is easy to use and makes no noise while moving.

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Wheelchair with Regular Commode (Mag Wheel) 6,190.00

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