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Dr Seibert Face/Nose Vaporiser Steamer DSV-01 for Cold & Cough

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Dr. Seibert’s Steamer is a smart steamer vaporizer device that helps you relieve colds, coughs, and nasal congestion and blockages. Also helpful for sinus problems and parched throats.

Are you irritated by nose congestion and other respiratory issues in the winter? The humidity declines in winter, and mucus is saturated in your lungs through the cold winter air. A vaporizer adds moisture to your nasal cavity, enabling easy breathing. It is a simple device used to convert water to steam using electricity.

With the help of thermotechnology, the water in the vaporizer boils and produces steam. The steam disperses in the surrounding area, adding moisture to the air.

Inhaling this steam relaxes your nasal cavity and opens your congested nose. It reduces the stress caused by colds and coughs, opens up the nose, and allows easy breathing.

You can add repiratory medicines like decongestants to the water for better effects.The steam generated by medicinal water is a good remedy for colds, coughs, and other respiratory disorders.

The moisture generated by the steam vaporizer reaches every part of the nasal passage and lungs and clears blockages.The steam vaporizer can help reduce irritation in the nose, itching,dryness, allergies, and bronchitis.

Dr.Seibert Healthcare offers you the best steam vaporizer on the market. It is one of the most reputable brands of healthcare devices. Order online now and get the best steam vaporizer at reasonable prices.

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The nasal blockage is most irritating in the winter. There are many remedies available to open up your nasal blockage, but vaporizers are the best.

A vapourizer is a simple device that emits steam or water vapour. It relaxes your sinuses by moisturising your dry nasal passage.

The following are the benefits of Dr.Seibert’s steam vaporizer:

1) They open up the congested nose and relieve cold, cough, and sinus inflammations.

2) It also moisturises your face, skin, and inner walls of your nasal passage.

3) Relieve heaviness in the head caused by a cold, cough, or other respiratory problems.

4) A steam vaporizer that boils medicinal water containing peppermint, eucalyptus, pine, and cedarwood when inhaled helps patients breathe faster and better.

5) Inhaling natural aromatic water vapours containing chamomile, lavender oils, and lemongrass can uplift the mood of the user and help reduce stress.

6) It improves blood circulation in your face, adding a glow to it.

7) Open up facial skin pores and cleanse them.

How to use Dr.Seibert’s Steam Vaporizer

Using the vaporizer is very simple: add water to the bowl, turn on the vaporizer, and inhale the steam. For best effects, cover your head with a towel while inhaling the steam emission from the vaporizer. Keep your face at a safe distance to avoid the direct impact of hot steam coming out of the vaporizer.

16 reviews for Dr Seibert Face/Nose Vaporiser Steamer DSV-01 for Cold & Cough

  1. Jayesh Mehra

    Safe way to relief a cold and blocked nose, I really like the vaporizer!

  2. Mahesh Shetty

    It is a fantastic vaporizer, helps me with headaches and migraines.

  3. Rubika Singh

    It’s a good product safe for kids.

  4. Nikita Raskar

    It’s worth the money, can be used with a face mask and a nose mask.

  5. Prakhar Sharma

    Great vaporizer helps me a lot in cold!

  6. Balwant Sahay

    Excellent product for skin care and blocked noses!

  7. Vyom A

    I’m prone to allergies, especially in the winter. I’ve been using the vaporizer for the last month, and it works wonders on my running nose.

  8. Rutuja H

    Really nice product, it is easy to use and gives fast relief!

  9. Pravin Tonpe

    Best product for colds, coughs, and headaches!

  10. Rahul Bansode

    Nice product, best for steaming!

  11. Sunil S

    I didn’t know that medication through nasal passage is so effective. I added cloves to hot water, and it is just amazing, must use in winter.

  12. Wasim Shaikh

    Product is refreshing, must use in winters!

  13. Nicky M

    Bohot mahol product bro!!! I used it for a couple of weeks, and my sinuses were relieved. Highly recommended!

  14. Varun Jain

    I simply put oils to the water, and whole room is fresh and scented. No hassle just pour water and turn it on.

  15. Ankita Sonawane

    Great product, just as they advertised, instant steam within minutes!

  16. Ravi Mishra

    Best vaporizer for cold and cough, light in weight and easy to use. I carry it with me to office in bag.

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Smart Steam Vaporizer DSV-01
Dr Seibert Face/Nose Vaporiser Steamer DSV-01 for Cold & Cough 290.00

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